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An ducenda uxor (should a man take a wife?).
An ducenda uxor is an old academic exercise about figuring out if she is the one. I have been reading: “The culture and rhetoric of the answer-poem, 1485-1625” and it is about this exercise how do you find Mrs. Right. How do you find her? The book is about how this exercise changed from truth (an ideal of good) to a lot of clever lies.
An ducenda uxor (should a man take a wife?)
So, what is this exercise?
It is a list you make of advantages and disadvantages of marrying her. If there are more advantages than disadvantages you can marry her. If there are an equal number of advantages and disadvantages (or more disadvantages than advantages) you cannot marry her. You must do this exercise, (you must do it for the sake of your children).

Ищу девушку 18—46 лет

Some one who loves life!
Some one who does not mind that I am Danish living in Kiev.

  • Мои данные

    • Семейное положение:
      не женат
    • Дети: нет
    • Рост: 180 см.
    • Вес: 80 кг.
    • Глаза: голубые
    • Волосы: русые
  • Знакомство

    Цель знакомства:
    • дружба и общение;
    • любовь, отношения;
    • брак, семья;

    Материальная поддержка:
    не нуждаюсь в спонсоре и не хочу им быть

  • Свидание

    Встречусь чтобы:
    • пойти в ресторан;

    в любой день в любое время